August 26, 2017

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December 12, 2017

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What is "Cupping"?

August 26, 2017

Myofascial Cupping is a safe and non-invasive technique for effective release of connective tissue or fascia, and muscle hyperirritability (see the photo attached to this blog).  Myofascial Cupping is very effective in treating trigger points, relieving muscular tension, adhesions, and decreasing swelling. Cupping is generally well tolerated with very little, if any discomfort.  In my method of cupping, I use silicone cups. Plus, I conduct a verbal and physical assessment with my clients before the cups are placed on the body.


The suction from the silicone cup causes stagnant blood and fluid to be drawn to the surface where the body can more easily remove it.  The cups can be left in place on the body, or we can slide the cups across the body for a different effect. We can adjust the intensity by increasing or decreasing the amount of suction into the cup. However, the over-all experience is very relaxing.


People experiencing cupping for the first time can expect a circular "cupping mark" not to be confused with a bruise. These red/purple marks created from the suction, are usually not painful and are a normal effect of the treatment. They disappear within a few days. As one receives cupping more frequently, we find that the marks can be lighter in color or no longer occur. This shows us that the stagnant blood and fluid has been removed from the body and that the tissue is healthier.

The benefits of Myofascial Cupping include:

  • Increases nutrient rich blood to an painful/injured area

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Helps relieve trigger points

  • Negative pressure stretches Myofascial tissues to allow for normal flexibility

  • Increase hydration to aid in muscle recovery

  • Can improve cellulite

In conventional massage therapy, we compress, push, and strip the muscle tissue against the bone structure and against itself. But cupping allows us to literally pull the body tissue out and away from the body. Cupping is the equivalent of a deep tissue massage technique, but in reverse!



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