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Gravity Assisted Deep Tissue Massage


Most people know that massage treats the body to relaxation and rejuvenation. Yet, massage is much more than that. It promotes self healing, balance within the body and increased circulation. Massage releases toxins from the body, improves body composition and increases flexibility. 


Ashi means foot. Atsu means pressure. Therefore, this massage is accomplished through gravity assisted foot pressure. In this style of massage, Sarah uses gravitational force and distributes her body weight by holding onto bars in the ceiling and using the feet to deliver the strokes and apply painless pressure directly onto the client’s body. Ashiatsu is not just walking on the client’s back; the client will feel a deep, broad, flowing pressure that engages the fascia throughout the entire body, loosening attached tissue, and increase drainage. Additionally, careful compression of soft tissue is applied throughout the session, helping to release muscle spasm and tension, always working within the clients’ comfort zone.

Upper back and neck issues, such as knots, are best released through the practice of Ashiatsu. As opposed to the pressure of hands, the feet offer a more comfortable and more powerful pressure than traditional massage. The foot is a broader, more comfortable tool than the knuckles or elbows. Ashiatsu is deep massage, but more comfortable than traditional massages. This technique allows for deeper state of relaxation for clients.  Applying elements of deep tissue, fascial work, trigger point, with active, passive and assisted stretching into a massage session helps  physically active clients with their weekly muscle-recovery routine.The knots in your back just melt away. 


My journey to becoming a Thai and Ashiatsu Massage Therapist in Phoenix AZ has been a process of learning and practicing many fields within the fitness realm.  I have been employed as a nurse, fitness trainer and yoga instructor.  

As a fitness trainer and yoga instructor at the TNT MMA training center, I do a lot of physical adjustments to my students while they are in their yoga poses. When Scott, the owner of TNT MMA, noticed this he asked if I knew Thai massage and I told him I didn’t even know what Thai massage naturally I You Tubed it. After researching it online, I began taking as many classes as I could to become proficient. I also sought out a mentor. 

When I met with my mentor, she told me she no longer did Thai massage, and she asked me if I would be interested in Ashiatsu massage instead.  I had no idea what that was so she gave me an Ashiatsu massage.  What a surprise to experience the amazing feeling of her gliding on my back, which ironed out all my knots.  After the massage, I realized I had zero back pain and I knew then I had to learn this skill.  I then began learning Ashiatsu Massage Therapy while I was still in massage school  in order to be able to practice both legally after graduation. In addition to massage school, I traveled to Thailand to learn Thai massage at the Old Medicine Hospital in Chaing Mai.  I have been doing Thai Massage in Phoenix, AZ since 2013. Once I was completely trained I started doing Ashiatsu Massage in Phoenix AZ in 2015.

Becoming a Thai and Ashiatsu Massage practitioner has changed my life and brings me so much happiness.  I love being able to help people with pain relief.  I love teaching yoga and cardio classes. I love my clients.  I love watching how the massage changes the structure of their body.  And I love being able to hold the space for them. I love receiving massages regularly.  Oh, and I looooove Coffee!!

Sarah Leech LMT




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Ashiatsu is a slow moving deep tissue sculpting massage. A typical 60min session will focus on any knots or tension areas you may have. 



90 Min Ashiatsu massages reach deep tissue that releases knots and tension while allowing the client to relax deeply. 



Ashiatsu Massage is a deep tissue sculpting massage that feels luxurious. 120 Min massage sessions tend to enduce a very deep state of relaxation for the client.


​Thai massage is a series of compression's and stretches that allows the client to feel balanced in body and mind. The client should wear comfortable loose fitting clothing or "workout type" clothing.



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